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Katee Sackhoff Has Some Hope for the Future of Bo-Katan on The Mandalorian

Katee Sackoff as Bo-Katan

The last we saw of Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan on Disney+’s The Mandalorian, she helped Din Djarin rescue Grogu in hopes of getting the Darksaber. Without Din knowing the lore behind the saber, he goes to fight off Moff Gideon and overpowers him, therefore taking the Darksaber for himself and accidentally becoming the rightful ruler of Mandalore. (I love my himbo king of Mandalore.)

What that means for Bo-Katan, though, is that she either has to fight Din Djarin in a battle and take the Darksaber back for herself or let Din rule over her. It’s a dynamic I really want them to explore in season 3 of the show because I think that Bo-Katan has the prowess and wherewithal to use Din Djarin and his king status to her advantage.

In an interview with Looper, Sackhoff spoke about the future of Bo-Katan and how she doesn’t really know anything other than what we saw at the end of season 2 of The Mandalorian. 

I honestly wish that I could tell you that I knew something. I really don’t know. I know where we ended and that’s all that I have. I can only use my imagination and hope that we see some pretty cool stuff, but I have no idea.

Personally, my hope for Bo-Katan in season 3 is that she realizes that Din Djarin doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t know the Mandalorian way other than from his own clan, and if Bo-Katan wanted to, she could use that to her advantage and still be the warrior she is while Din Djarin does all the “ruling” work.

Sackhoff also spoke about Bo-Katan’s desire to lead and why she thinks she’s the rightful ruler of Mandalore.

So how do you take a person who is trained as a warrior, who never thought that they would have to lead nor wanted to lead, and get them to a place where they have to lead because it’s for the people? And I find that to be so interesting, because I think that she is a warrior at heart. That’s who she is. That’s who she’s always been, and we haven’t seen that part of her yet. I want to see why she thinks she’s the right ruler, and how far she’ll go, and what that looks like.

But, as we know, she currently has a battle ahead of her—either a physical one against Din (who doesn’t seem interesting in fighting her and just wants to yield the Darksaber) or an emotional one to figure out how to come to terms with Din being the king:

Just because you think you’re right and just because you think you’re the right person to rule, that doesn’t mean you actually are. So I want to see that struggle because if she really does care about her people, she may not be the right person. I think there are so many different places to go, so we’ll have to see what those guys have in their minds.

While season 2 left me with a father and son-shaped hole in my chest, it did set up quite the journey for Bo-Katan, her clan, and the future of Mandalore with Din Djarin as ruler. So I can’t wait to see what season 3 holds for them all.

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