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The Internet’s MVP of Marvel’s Eternals Is Karun

Kingo and Karun at dinner in Eternals

Marvel’s Eternals has a entire cast of breakout characters that fans have been flocking to. Whether you’re a Drukkari shipper or want to get a Thena tattoo, there’s plenty to love about Eternals. And one of those things is Karun. Played by Harish Patel, Karun is the “assistant” to Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo, but their relationship is more than just a working one. It is clear that Kingo and Karun care for each other, and it is weirdly part of the heart and soul of this movie that works for fans.

So why are fans flocking to Karun and calling him the MVP? Because he’s a man who is just dedicated to Kingo, ready to die for him, and is there filming the Eternals as he is supposed to do, and honestly? That’s weirdly relatable. Think about it. You work for a superhero who says that your job is to film everything going on. So you just bring a bunch of cameras and follow them around. That sounds like every Marvel fan’s dream.

Pair that with his clear care for Kingo, and Karun is, for the most part, just super relatable. Even when he learns that humanity is going to die, he’s still there and ready to do whatever the Eternals need from him, and like, I guess, same? If I knew the world was ending and a bunch of heroes were figuring out whether or not to save the planet, I think I’d also react as Karun does.

But what is glorious is that Twitter has continued to share their love for him so much so that Marvel made him his own hashtag with an emoji and released a poster for Karun, as he deserves.

Twitter loves Karun

It isn’t rare for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to cling to a character with limited screen time and dedicate their accounts to them. But there’s something special about Karun that makes this love even more important. And also, he rules so, we get it.

Karun is most definitely the MVP of Eternals, and I’m ready for them to release the Karun Cut of the movie. Please and thank you!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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