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Karen Gillan Talks About Her Love For Community’s Doctor Who Spoof, Inspector Spacetime

And Fansplosions Abound

You remember when the NBC show Community spoofed the BBC’s Doctor Who with their show within a show called Inspector Spacetime? First it got popular enough to have a web series (not affiliated with NBC) made. Then the hopeful creators of that webs series got sued by NBC. But, as Community lives on (for the time being), so does Inspector Spacetime and it turns out one Doctor Who star is a big fan. The BBC recently chatted with Karen Gillan just before she filmed her last episode of the long-running sci-fi show, and the actress described how she came to find out about Inspector Spacetime and even hinted at wanting them to hire her. The BBC thinks it’s a delightful idea and is trying to start a campaign with the hashtag #AmyMeetsAbed. Now watch Gillan being completely adorable in this video.

(via Doctor Who tumblr)

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