Mina using her attack power in Kaiju No. 8
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Hopefully, Kafka Will Unleash Kaiju No. 8 in Episode 7!

Everyone is free to dream, but Mina’s combat power of 96% might make it harder for Kafka to achieve his when Kaiju No. 8 episode 7 releases.

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Kafka is finally living his long-held dream to become part of the Defense Force. However, with his current combat power, will it last? Or will he use his Kaiju abilities to make it? Kaiju No. 8 is listed with 12 episodes, and there are only a few episodes left before the first season of the anime reaches its conclusion. However, with its success, a second season is not impossible. But before we get into whether season 2 will be renewed, let’s first discuss how good episode 6 was and look forward to episode 7!

Kafka might be the oldest person among the newbies, but when it comes to skills in combat, he falls short. Kafka is determined to make a difference and pursue his dream of standing beside Mina, and after episode 6, there is no doubt that Mina is the new best girl in town. In episode 6, the newbies finally got their first mission after a colossal kaiju appeared. And this ultimate test for the recruits proved their skills, surpassing even some of their seniors.

The episode was filled with action, and it’s not a good Kaiju No. 8 episode without the hilarious humor of Kafka and Shinomiya blushing from his compliments. Kafka might not have yet transformed into Kaiju No. 8 for this mission, but he already displayed the skill of his division.

His expertise as a former kaiju cleaner and rigorous motivation to widen his knowledge allowed him to report the weaknesses of the kaiju and their ability to reproduce. It was rewarding to see Kafka contributing something, even if it’s not like Shinomiya flawlessly killing whatever kaiju comes her way.

The Defense Force’s victory was secured, but is it really? While everyone tirelessly fought and killed all the kaijus, our heroes seem to encounter a big problem caused by Kaiju No. 9 in the upcoming episode. Episode 7 is finally confirmed to air on Saturday, May 25, 2o24, at 10:00AM ET/7:00AM PT. Like all the previous Kaiju episodes, episode 7 will be available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.

Just when everything started to settle down (thanks to everyone working together and with Mina’s superior attack power), Kaiju No. 9 appeared! Kafka finding out the weaknesses of the kaiju most likely irritated Kaiju No. 9. Now, tracking him down is probably 9’s goal.

And with Kaiju No. 9’s villainous powers and plan, will Mina’s 96% attack power and the rest of the Defense Force be enough, or will Kafka transform into Kaiju No. 8 to save everyone, risking his future on the defense force? I can’t wait to find out!

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