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First Look at Justice League Movie With Concept Art/Featurettes on Cyborg, Aquaman, & the Flash

There’s not enough progress yet on the inevitable Justice League movie to show any footage like what we got from Wonder Woman, but the remaining heroes we haven’t seen on-screen yet (not on the big screen, anyway, Flash) got a bit of an introduction last night. Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash (sadly not Grant Gustin’s) will join up with DC’s established movie heroes when the time comes, so here’s a bit of an intro into what their film incarnations are all about, starting with Cyborg above.

Justice League is coming in November 2017, after Wonder Woman‘s debut in June of the same year, but the rest will have to wait a bit to have their solo stories told. The Flash and Aquaman both arrive a year later on March 23 and July 27, respectively, and Cyborg is, for unknown reasons, set for alllll the way in 2020 on April 3.

That’s not a slowing of the DC movie schedule, though, with second installment of the two-part Justice League coming in 2019 (June 14) along with Shazam (April 5) and Green Lantern arriving just after Cyborg (June 19) in 2020. All in all, we’ve got a lot of DC movie magic coming our way.

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