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Things We Saw Today: Juneteenth Is Filled With Marches, Music, and More Around the US

Protesters in Pittsburgh last year

Juneteenth celebrations across the United States are being centered around music, marches, and more as many honor the history of the holiday. Due to the worldwide spread of Black Lives Matter protests and the racial injustices still so prevalent in America, Juneteenth this year is massively visible.

While the day, sometimes also referred to as “Freedom Day” and “Emancipation Day,” has been celebrated by African-Americans since the 1800s, Juneteenth’s history was not often taught in schools. This must change going forward. The events of recent weeks have cemented Juneteenth in the public consciousness and brought a long-overdue spotlight to the historic day in 1865 when slaves in remote Galveston, Texas were told that they were free.

We gathered together some of the Juneteenth sights we saw from the Internet to further spread awareness and focus on how the day is being commemorated.

Here’s Astronomy Club teaching Jimmy Fallon all about it on The Tonight Show so you can help yourself be informed.

As many of us are educating ourselves, and others are sharing their knowledge, we get to see the marches and public outpourings happening in real-time. All day, people have taken to Twitter to share footage and statements, and to make pledges for the future.

What sights in honor of Juneteenth did you see today?

(image: Justin Merriman/Getty Images)

Here are some other things we saw out there today:

  • The evil is defeated. Katie Hopkins’ Twitter is permanently deleted. (via Mirror)
  • Facebook deletes a Trump ad that has symbols used by Nazis in it. His campaign called them “emojis.” (via NPR)
  • Now John Cleese decided to give us an opinion on the Rowling controversy that no one asked for. (via Yahoo! News)
  • Jodie, a spin-off of Daria, finds a home at Comedy Central! (via CBR)

Anything we missed? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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