Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck in Dune: Part One.
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Josh Brolin’s Response to the ‘Dune’ Popcorn Bucket Is Harsh, But Fair

By now, you’ve doubtless heard about the Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket. It’s being sold by AMC theaters in the lead-up to the movie’s March 1 release, and it’s a gaping sandworm that looks too obscene to bring into a movie theater!

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As soon as the bucket was released, people on social media went wild, releasing some pretty amazing reactions and memes. I’ll give you a spoiler: They were all about fucking the bucket.

Saturday Night Live even got in on the action, doing a sweet teen romance about kids exploring what it means to be in love for the first time … with a toothed bucket.

A quick clarification, by the way: some people online are referring to the spines in the sandworm’s mouth as “tentacles.” They aren’t tentacles, they’re teeth! They’re what the Fremen make crysknives out of! If you’re going to be investing in one of these babies, it’s crucial that you understand what you’re, ahem, getting into.

ANYWAY. I guess it was only a matter of time before the bucket reached the Dune: Part Two cast members themselves, and Entertainment Tonight had the good sense to grill them about what they think of that sexy, sexy little sandworm.

All the cast members have great reactions to the bucket. Zendaya points out that the teeth tear all the popcorn out of your hand when you take your fist out. Dave Bautista doesn’t seem to have that problem, demonstrating how he … uh, I think eats popcorn?? … at the 0:45 mark. Florence Pugh keeps it simple: “It’s not okay!”

Josh Brolin’s reaction is the best, though. “I’m not gonna stick my hand in there! I’m good! I’ll starve!” That’s a good policy for any sandworm you come across, no matter how much it’s beckoning to you!

When you think about it, the sandworm bucket is kind of genius. It looks like something someone should have been fired over, and yet we’re all talking about it. It’s a game within a game! The popcorn bucket’s playing our hearts like fiddles!

If you want the bucket, though, don’t let Josh Brolin’s disapproval stop you. Yes, he’ll be judging you from afar. But isn’t it worth it, considering the pleasure an item like this will bring you?

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