Jonas Brothers in James Corden skit about the gritty tale of how Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh became depressed.

Ok, This Jonas Bros. Sketch of Gritty Minor Disney Character Origin Stories Is Actually Hilarious

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With Cruella about to hit Disney+, James Corden and his team thought it would be a brilliant idea to pitch some other twisted Disney tales that the platform should bring to life. And while they are quite silly, each idea is unique due to the Jonas Brothers’ and James Corden’s acting and skills, from Eeyore to the Spaghetti man from Lady and the Tramp.

First up is the dark and twisted tale of Eeyore. The cute little mule has always been sad on any and all Winnie the Pooh adventures. And from what I remember, the show hasn’t really dived into why he’s this way. He just is. In Drug Mule, Eeyore gets in over his head as a means of getting his family out of debt, a truly noble cause that would’ve worked if Pooh and Tigger did more than just sit on their bottoms. Just saying …

Personally, I could’ve done without the “gruesome” moment where Eeyore’s tail was cut and you understood why he has it pinned to his bottom. (Think about the children!) In fact, this hilarious take on such a serious topic really could’ve done with some Charlie’s Angels spin here Tigger and Pooh come to the rescue and try to get their dear friend into therapy. *Throws money at computer.*

Then there’s Spaghettabout It. While Eeyore was told from a Jonas Bros. perspective, this one was from James Corden’s. Remember that guy that gave Lady and the Tramp spaghetti to share? Well, according to this twisted origin story, everything was fine and dandy until someone insulted his spaghetti. The audacity, right?!

For some reason, this one intrigues me. I feel like there’s some John Wick goodness hidden behind that mustache, and I need to know more. What’s in his secret sauce? Did someone switch his ingredients up in a ploy to get him fired? Also, how good is the Jonas Bros. spaghetti in comparison to Tony’s that his girl left him for it? These questions must be answered and I want them now!

And then, finally, there’s Six Eggs Away From Six Feet Under. First of all, who came up with these titles? Each one was unique, weird, and something that I could see a gritty director name a Disney movie if they had the chance. (Looking at you, Quentin Tarantino or Michael Bay on a good day.) Secondly, how was this character picked? Out of all of them from Beauty and the Beast?

I do have to give kudos to the Jonas Bros. and James Corden. They really threw themselves into this one and didn’t break character once. I would’ve absolutely lost it at Corden’s “I don’t feel good, mummy” when he’s so obviously not a child. The same thing goes when one of the brothers was pleading for the doctor to tell him what could save her child.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the dark and brooding voiceover that set the tone for Drug Mule, Spaghettabout It, and Six Eggs from Six Feet Under. It’s what made these Disney origin stories something I would absolutely watch, especially because I agree with the voiceover’s final words.

“Coming soon to Disney+. We need a lot of content to compete with Netflix.”

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