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Jon Hamm: Superhero?

Mad Men fans know Jon Hamm as the smooth-as-silk ad exec Don Draper; non-fans may recognize him as “that hunky dude who has done some funny stuff on Saturday Night Live.

Now, fans are pushing for a new sort of role for Hamm: superhero. Hamm as Superman? Hamm as Captain America? Hamm as Batman, even? The possibilities are nigh endless, even if sexy, saxophone-playing ponytail man Sergio might not carry over to the silver screen.

In the video below, Hamm responds to MTV. Brace yourself: he’s a self-described comic book collector.

From the interview: (transcript via Splash Page)

“Well, it’s interesting. I’m a huge comic book fan, first of all,” Hamm told MTV News. “I’ve collected them, I’ve read them since I was a kid. I am a big fan of the classic comics and also the darker ones that have sort of predominated in the last 10-15 years.”

“I don’t know,” he said when asked if he’d consider a role in a comic book movie. “It’s a tricky road to go down with some of those heroes, because they’re not flawed. Superman is Superman — he’s invincible, so where’s the drama?”

“I think what people are finding with the success of things like “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” “Iron Man,” it’s much more interesting to talk about the person behind these heroic personae rather than the flying, shooting fire and lasers and all this other stuff,” continued. “Although it has been interesting to see the evolution of the comic book film, because technology has essentially caught up with the ability to tell those stories.”

Be sure to check out Splash Page for more, including — swoon — Hamm’s proposal that Stephen Colbert be the next Batman.

(h/t Splash Page)

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