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The Brogrammers Who Made That Sexist Job Ad Prove They Are Still the Worst

Sexist Job Ad Build


Remember Sportacam? They’re the tech start-up who posted this ridiculously sexist job ad and then refused to apologize for it because it was “satirical.” It seems the fine bros at Sportacam have done the traditional “I’m sorry you were offended” one-eighty, and their latest job posting shows that they’ve learned nothing at all.

Take a look at their posting for a “Windows Phone app developeress/developer” (ugh):


When teachers get mad at kids for, say, poking someone, children often respond in the most over-reactionary way possible, yelling things like, “FINE then I’ll NEVER touch ANYONE AGAIN EVER.” Here, we see an extension of that type of reaction, but for adults. Sportacam is making it quite clear that they believe the criticism of their first ad was unnecessary and worthy of mocking.

As I mentioned last time, making jobs in STEM more accessible to women is of crucial importance, and this includes ridding tech workplaces of micro-aggressions. Too often women feel the need to laugh at stereotypes of their own gender, or to behave more like the other “bros” in the company in order to be welcomed. This is a problem, when women hold only 26% of jobs in computing-related occupations. Ads like these no doubt contribute to why only 0.4% of female college freshmen say they want to major in computer science; why only 14% of computer science degrees at major universities go to women; why only 17% of Google’s tech workers are female.

My suggestion for Sportacam? If you don’t want to be accused of being sexist jerks, just don’t be sexist jerks. Easy.

(via Ann-Marie Alcántara)

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