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Rejoice, Aidan Shaw Fans: John Corbett Is Joining the Cast of ‘And Just Like That’

"Come on lil baby, let's go down to the country with me~"

Carrie and Aidan on Sex in the City

Well guys, it’s official: Aidan Shaw (played by John Corbett), everyone’s “favorite” country bear from Sex and the City, is going to be a recurring character in season 2 of the infamous sequel attempt, And Just Like That.

The last time we saw Aidan Shaw, he was, for some reason, also in Abu Dhabi at the same time as the girls (per Sex And The City 2). There was a lot to hate about Sex And The City 2, but many fans were just confused as to why we were bringing the bear out of his natural habitat, where he had a new baby and a wife, and throwing him into Abu Dhabi, shirt open, chest exposed, lips a-puckered. What the hell?

Even the most diehard Aidan fans, who consider him to be Carrie’s “One Who Got Away,” thought it was a weird turn of events, and that they should have let the bear retire to a peaceable hibernation period. But thus far, the Twitter response, at the very least, seems to be positive regarding this latest announcement:

I, for one, am unfortunately not on the bandwagon. As it stands, I try to pretend And Just Like That is some horrific alternate universe, and that the show’s natural timeline ended after season 3 or so. I like to pretend that Steve still has some dignity left. But to be perfectly honest, I never cared for Aiden.

I got it, I understood why people liked him so much over Big. He was the caring, hunky carpenter of everyone’s romance novel dreams. But dear god, he was NOT the man for Carrie! He was way too eager to settle down and get all lovey-dovey with a woman who, try as she might, just wasn’t cut out for that sort of lifestyle. Carrie didn’t know what she wanted, and here came along this man that seemed like the ideal. But what Carrie needed all along was a guy that could be snarky with her, who could let her do her own thing, and who operated parallel alongside her—not totally entwined.

And yeah, poor Aidan did NOT deserve all the chaos she brought into his life. She was making twentysomething mistakes as a thirtysomething, with a guy who just kinda assumed that all that mess was behind him. THEREFORE…what on earth could possibly happen between them now?

I mean, damn, is the assumption that Aidan left behind Baby Tate and his wife? Is he having a midlife crisis? Because that’s a plotline I could get behind: Squeaky-Clean Aiden Shaw having an identity crisis and realizing he and Carrie have more in common now than they did before. Do I trust that this plotline could be handled maturely, with Aidan and Carrie reflecting on their youth with the understanding that those crazy antics are behind them, a lá when Issa and Lawrence had dinner together in season 4 of Insecure?

Hell NO, it’s gonna be a mess.

But that’s why we watch this show, right? The mess? The deliciously awful mess of Harry’s fake penis, Charlotte’s fumbling around her child’s gender identity, and also forgetting that her oldest daughter is Asian? The absolute MESS of Brady being a horned-up teenager (and us being forced to witness that, yuck), Steve losing his mental faculties (JUSTICE for BEST BOY!!), and Miranda’s messy, messy tryst with the unreadable force of chaos that is Che Diaz????? (I actually didn’t hate Che, but that’s beside the point)

So hey, I’ll raise a pint with you Aidan-fuckers and rejoice, because at the very least, there’s gonna be a lot to scream at the TV for with this new season, if this news is any indication.

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