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John Boyega Is Back to Drag More Racists, and I Love to See It

John Boyega attends the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 After Party

John Boyega showed the strength and brilliance that many of us have always seen in him this past week when he stood up against the racial injustices in this world and took a stand in the Black Lives Matter movement. The Star Wars star stood in front of Hyde Park and said, “I’m speaking to you from my heart. Look, I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this, but f*** that,” which ushered in waves of love for Boyega online.

Praising the actor for speaking out, celebrities and creatives all took to voicing their support for the actor and making sure that he would still have a career. The idea that he wouldn’t is incredibly sad, because not only is John Boyega one of the most talented actors out there, but he is a generally lovely person, and Hollywood blackballing someone for speaking out against injustice would only further my love of the one taking a stand. It seems many others feel the same.

Since his speech, Boyega has been, uncharacteristically, pretty silent on social media. Many of us shared our love and praise, but now, Boyega is back and doing what he does best: trolling racists and sharing his love and humor online.

On Instagram, he shared two posts back to back. The first? A Yoda statue saying “Matter Black lives do.” (This is why Yoda is the best.)


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And then he posted the scene from Avatar where the Na’vi are joining together to take on those oppressing them.


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Yeah yeah James….we know what you meant 😏

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Using his platform to continue to share stories and tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement, Boyega is also not shying away from my favorite thing John Boyega does: unapologetically calling out racist things and dragging those who try to fight him about it.

Many celebrities have taken to Twitter over the weekend to share that they would continue to work with Boyega and urged others to do so in support of the actor and his speech.

While it is sad that we live in world where Boyega even had to consider that this would jeopardize his career, this show of support and his continued social media presence are both incredibly hopeful glimpses into the future. Hopefully, it does inspire other celebrities with large platforms to use them in the way that Boyega and stars like Keke Palmer are. May John Boyega continue to drag racists.

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