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Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Says He Probably Won’t Reprise His Star Wars Role After The Rise of Skywalker


Finn (John Boyega) is ready for a fight in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

This December, it won’t be just Luke and Leia who we bid farewell too. It seems as though this will also be the swan song for Rey, Finn, and Poe, or at least it will be if we take recent comments from John Boyega at face value.

“Honestly, the bottom of my heart, I don’t think I am [coming back]. I don’t think I am. I really do feel that way. This really is that movie,” Boyega told MTV news. “I think everyone doesn’t believe it, but this is that war that just ends everything.”

First off, if this means anything happens to Finn, I will be beyond enraged as Finn deserves to have a happy and fulfilling life far away from war and the painful childhood he had. Second of all, I guess this means we can say goodbye to many hopes of the Skywalker Saga continuing past this particular film. It might be easy to assume that Lucasfilm is lying to drum up speculation and publicity, but this might really be it.

I’m not emotionally ready to say goodbye to my sequel trilogy trio, so if you need me, I’ll be crying until December, when I’ll cry some more.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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