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Watch John Boyega Board the Millennium Falcon for the First Time

"Can you control him?"


In a feature from the documentary The Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, which you’ll be able to see in the Blu-ray next month (though some lucky have caught an early screen), John Boyega recalls boarding the Millennium Flacon for the first time. We saw the first half of the clip last year, where Boyega says he’s shaking when he sees the ship, but now we can see him actually enter the spacecraft where he proceeds to giggle and touch everything.

I remember running up the ramp just giggling and I just went through that whole place messing it all up. And all the props people and the guys on the set were just like, ‘OK, can you control him?’ because I started running and I went to the cockpit. You know those little ball things, the Jedi training ball? I got that out and started rolling it around. Oh, so fun.

Those props people were fighting a losing battle trying to contain that Star Wars excitement, just listen to the sound he makes as he picks up the ball! I picture Boyega rolling the remote around much like a cat would, which wouldn’t be surprising considering how often he talks about/Snapchats/Instagrams his cat. But really, could any Star Wars fan keep their chill in that situation?

The documentary will be about an hour of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and other cool stuff. Boyega attended the London screening last night, and you can watch him surprise fans and talk about a deleted scene here. (Or, you could’ve caught it on his Snapchat. Seriously, go follow him if you haven’t yet). Also adorable: Daisy Ridley and Boyega just basking in the Millennium Falcon.

daisy ridley and john boyega in the millennium falcon

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