The Creator of Rocko’s Modern Life Needs Your Help Launching a Web Cartoon Channel

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Joe Murray, the creator of belovedly weird ’90s cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life, has taken to the Web to ask his fans for help launching a brand new all-cartoon channel online. To be called, he envisions the channel as a “‘free range’ and ethical environment” for the work of cartoonists and animators.

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As a bonus, he hopes to use the channel to launch a new animated project of his own, Frog in a Suit, which he describes as a “Rocko’esque insane neurotic animated comedy.” He assures us, though, that the KaboingTV money and his own costs will be kept separate. “I will not be using any of the money for any of my own labor or expenses, which include writing, storyboarding, animatic, voice directing and post production work.”

Murray is raising money for the new platform via Kickstarter. Thus far, he’s gotten 209 backers and raised $13,234 out of the $16,800 he needs. But he’s not out of the woods yet: as per the usual Kickstarter MO, if he doesn’t get the full funding by June 5th at 3:00pm, he doesn’t get anything. You can check out his pitch, in video form, over at Kickstarter. Here, via Murray’s blog, is the character art for Frog in a Suit, which was accompanied by the following note:

I thought since you are all becoming my producers, I should share more about the series you are getting involved in. Here are some of the characters that live in “Croakville”. Harvey Croak is the industrialist who owns almost everything in the town, ( including the fly ranch and processing factory where most of the blue collar town works.) And poor Gutzy ( Dad) whose old botched attempt at a dissection keeps coming undone and his guts keep falling out. ( although sometimes he does it on purpose to amuse the kids.)

And here’s a minute-long teaser for the program:

(Kickstarter via NOTCOT)

Disclosure: One occasional Geekosystem contributor is a Kickstarter employee, but we are posting this solely because it is neat.

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