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The Plot of Jodie Whittaker’s New Miniseries Reads as A+ Trolling

Let us dream.

In case it’s somehow escaped your notice, we are mighty excited for Jodie Whittaker to lead the next season of Doctor Who. Of course, not everyone is as thrilled for the first woman Doctor; the internet is full of whiny misogynists crying out about bras and periods in space or some such nonsense.

And it’s because of those backwards sexist creeps that I cannot stop laughing at the synopsis for Whittaker’s upcoming BBC1 miniseries.

I would be excited for a British psychological thriller starring Whittaker anyway, but since her casting and the subsequent mindless outrage over a woman perceived to be interloping, perceived to be ruining a man’s show by stealing a man’s rolewell, things just got hilarious.

Check out this description of the show, Trust Me:

“Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Adult Life Skills) will star as Cath Hardacre; a hardworking and skilled nurse, who, having lost her job for whistle-blowing, is forced to take drastic measures to provide for her daughter. Out of desperation, Cath seizes the opportunity to steal her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor and start a new life in Edinburgh. Burying herself deeper and deeper in the imposter persona, she realises she could get everything she ever wanted – but with her old life threatening to destroy her fragile creation, how far will she go to protect it?”

You guys.

Her character is a woman who steals the identity of a doctor.

I know this is a coincidence, and that the show has been underway for quite some time, but stop crushing my dreams. I’m choosing to actively forget all of that, because the other way to look at this, is that it is some spectacular trolling.

I hope Jodie Whittaker builds an entire new career out of “stealing” the identities of various doctors and making misogynists cry. On principle, I swear to watch every single project in which that’s the case.

(via BBC, image: BBC)

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