Rumor: Joaquin Phoenix in Talks To Play Doctor Strange

So does this mean Paul F. Tompkins didn't get the gig?

Doctor Strange

Does everyone have a great big handful of salt ready? Good. You’ll need it, because the rumor mill is going full speed with news that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks with Marvel to play Doctor Strange.

The news is coming from who say they have multiple anonymous sources that tell them Phoenix is being considered and that he’s been in talks about taking the part, so even if the rumors are true nothing is final.

Other actors whose names have been thrown around as possibilities are Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, and Jared Leto, but we really can’t stress enough that at this point it’s all purely rumor and speculation. Though we wouldn’t be surprised to get an official announcement from Marvel on the casting in the next few days at San Diego Comic-Con.

So what do you think, Internet? Is Phoenix right for the part of the Sorcerer Supreme?┬áIs there someone else you’d rather see in the Sanctum Sanctorum? Am I the only one who was 100% behind this photoshop of Paul F. Tompkins as Strange?

(via The Wrap, image via Tom Simpson)

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