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Jelloware: Drinking Glasses You Can Eat

Product design consultancy The Way We See the World has come up with a clever means of summer drink transportation that’s as delicious as it is eco-friendly: Edible drinking glasses. Made of seaweed extract agar agar, their so-called  “Jelloware” can be flavored to complement a given drink in flavors like lemon-basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet.

But if you don’t feel like gobbling up the whole glass, don’t fear: The uneaten portions of the glasses are meant to be tossed on the grass when your lawn party is over, as agar, which is made up of subunits of the sugar galactose, can be used to nourish plants.

One final bonus: It’s bendy!

Whether or not you particularly want to eat agar, there’s a good chance those pictures just made you thirsty.

(The Way We See the World via If It’s Hip It’s Here via Neatorama)

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