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Jeff Goldblum Reacts to Internet Memes About Himself on The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton got the chance to sit down with Jeff Goldblum on his show and asked him the question that the entire world would ask, if only we could: What does Jeff Goldblum think about all of those Jeff Goldblum memes???

If this video is any indication, Goldblum is completely fine with it all, and he reacts to the news of these memes with his usual charm and affable grinning. Goldblum hadn’t even seen all of these memes before; he appears to be vaguely familiar with the fact that “Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop” has appeared on flyers taped to bathroom stalls the world over, but he had no idea how many times his face has been photoshopped into the center of various flowers (to emphasize the “bloom” in “Goldblum,” of course).

Weirdly, Jeff Goldblum is familiar with this edited video of himself and Sam Neil, made from Jurassic Park footage. How and why does Goldblum know about this? I assume because people send it to him constantly.

Goldblum also did address some actual news on the show, saying that he had been asked to appear in Jurassic World and in the sequel, but that he doesn’t plan to come back to the franchise. He says he’s had “a big satisfying meal with being in two of them,” in reference to Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Clearly, the internet is still feasting on the memes of that meal as well, and Goldblum doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

(via The Graham Norton Show, image via 9gag)

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