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Jeff Goldblum About to “Do Something [He] Oughtn’t” With His Shirtless Funko Pop Figure on Conan


Has Jeff Goldblum always been so … Jeff Goldblum? I feel like I woke up one morning and all of a sudden he was doing weird ads and reading “Thirst Tweets.” Anywho, during a recent appearance on Conan, Goldblum seemed to take great pleasure in talking about his shirtless Dr. Ian Malcolm Funko POP! figure. Like, almost a little too much.

After several moments of peak Goldblum weirdness about the pronunciation of “Funko” and his microphone pack falling off, Conan busts out the two versions of Goldblum’s Funko figures, as if we care about anything other than the shirtless, reclining version. (I’m still amazed that Funko managed to get that pose so deliciously right!)

But the best part of the appearance is when Goldblum stares at the figure closely, and is about to do something to it, but apparently thinks better of it, saying, “I was about to do something I oughtn’t.” WHAT WAS HE GONNA DO?

This will be a mystery that forever haunts me. Still, God bless your beautiful weirdo brain, Jeff Goldblum. I would happily be a passenger on any one of your runaway trains of thought.

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