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Javier Bardem to Terrify Pedants as Frankenstein in Universal’s Monster Universe

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Yesterday, Variety reported that Javier Bardem had been cast as Frankenstein in Universal’s Monster Universe franchise, and Variety’s Justin Kroll later confirmed over Twitter that Bardem will be playing the monster, not the titular scientist.

Early reports indicate that Bardem’s character might also be called “Frankenstein” in this adaptation, which, as The Mary Sue’s Glen Tickle wrote several years ago, isn’t really the unforgivable error some people believe it to be—there’s even textual support in Mary Shelley’s novel for why the monster might be called/call himself “Frankenstein.” Regardless, I’m sure we can look forward to a few years of people arguing with each other about which Frankenstein is which.

As of now, Universal’s cinematic monster universe also stars Sofia Boutella as the mummy in The Mummy and Tom Cruise as the brave white dude facing off against her (a casting choice that I’m salty about for several reasons); Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll; Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man; and possibly Dwayne Johnson as The Wolf Man. Bardem is expected to appear in at least one other movie in the franchise before starring in Frankenstein.

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