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Japan’s Military Space Force Will Protect the World From (Space Debris) Devastation

And unite all space programs between our nations.


Japan is planning on launching Nova Corps a military space operation in 2019 that will protect satellites and other objects in orbit from dangerous space debris. I guess George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are busy or something?

We already knew that Japan had plans on how to clean up outer space with a giant magnetic net, but it’s currently unclear if this is part of the same plan or a completely new initiative. Either way, they’re pulling team members for the operation from Japan’s air force, and I’m guessing the recruitment process involves rigorous Last Starfighter-ing in the classic “don’t get hit by space debris” game Asteroids.

The mission will not only help curb the growing problem of space debris, but it’s meant to strengthen international space-ties between the U.S. and Japan. As they conduct research from their radar and telescope facilities to locate and take down debris, the Japanese team will feed the data they record to NASA.

Then we can all be cooperative best buddies and hopefully not get immediately punctured full of holes while entering Earth’s orbit—that really puts a damper on extending our reach to the stars above.

(via Raw Story, image via NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center)

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