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Hey! Is That Jake From State Farm in ‘Tall Girl 2’?

Are there double (insurance) agents hiding in 'Tall Girl 2'?

Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman argues with Jake from State Farm in Tall Girl 2

If you’re looking for a film that isn’t too serious and is very fun and heartwarming, Tall Girl 2 might be for you. The Tall Girl sequel began streaming on Netflix on February 11th, and it’s just as cute as the first film. Tall Girl 2 sees Jodi Kreyman (Ava Michelle) deciding to embrace her height instead of feeling ashamed of it. She wears high heels, dates a guy shorter than her, and auditions for the lead role in the school play.

But while Jodi is doing things in Tall Girl 2 that she never would’ve attempted in Tall Girl, it doesn’t come easily. Even with her newfound confidence, she finds herself doubting nearly everything. She questions her relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), and is terrified of starring in the school play. What she learns though, is that even the best of us falter in confidence sometimes.

Both Tall Girl films boast a funny cast and have a strong message about embracing who you are. But additionally, Tall Girl 2 also totally crushes the stereotype that men can’t date women who are taller than them—because Jodi and Dunkleman are absolute couple goals. The film is also elevated by a very unexpected cameo. So, if there’s a character who looks familiar, but you just can’t put your finger on who he’s played before, here’s the scoop.

Is that Jake from State Farm in Tall Girl 2?

In one scene of Tall Girl 2, Dunkleman takes Jodi out for ice cream to celebrate her role in the school play. In a celebratory mood, he offers to pay for the couple behind them. However, when one member of the couple makes a comment about Jodi’s height, Dunkleman instantly becomes defensive and rescinds the offer. Jodi, having learned to deflect such comments, isn’t bothered, and lets the couple have their ice cream and toppings.

The insensitive guy looks familiar because he is, indeed, played by Kevin Miles, an actor best known for portraying Jake from State Farm. Miles is the second actor to portray Jake for the insurance company’s advertisements. He began appearing as Jake from State Farm in 2020, after the former Jake from State Farm (Jake Stone) left the company. Jake Stone was an actual State Farm employee without acting experience, while Miles has an acting career basis. He’s also appeared in minor roles in Criminal Minds and S.W.A.T.

Miles’ role in Tall Girl 2 is as an uncredited cameo. However, his surprise cameo is hilarious as viewers realize Dunkleman is butting heads with none other than Jake from State Farm. The double-take that Miles’ appearance in Tall Girl 2 caused many fans to do—adds to the fun and surprising nature of the film.

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