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J.J. Abrams And Joss Whedon’s Comic Con Panel [Full Video]

When we first heard that J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon were going to be on a panel together, needless to say we were very excited. Well last night it finally happened. And while there was no big announcement of a collaboration (and we knew not to expect one), the panel was a great insight into the creative process these guys have and the geeky bond they share.

Some legitimate announcements were made. Joss Whedon finally officially for realsies confirmed that he is writing and directing the Avengers movie, but said it’s still in the outlining stage so there aren’t any more details. Meanwhile Abrams spoke about Super 8, saying basically that nobody knows anything about it yet, but the story behind his association with Spielberg is fantastic, and included in the videos below. There was also talk of a Doctor Horrible sequel that basically amounted to “We want to, but who has the time?”

But the announcements weren’t the real treasure here, it was just the stories and the banter. It was seeing where the two disagreed and how different creative opinions can both lead to fantastic stuff. Whedon came out pro 3-D while Abrams was against it.  Then Abrams spoke out saying that film school really isn’t necessary while Whedon expressed the view that it’s very important. They talked about the props they still keep, the differences between film and television, and a whole lot more.

A detailed look at what went down can be found here. We also have video of the first half of the panel. Unfortunately, hotel Wifi did not permit the uploader time to finish the whole thing, so we just have the first half now. We will update with the remaining video when it’s available, so please check back in. Or if you find a complete video, please let us know.

Update: New video source, four parts now. The rest should be imminent.

(Via EW)

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