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iZombie Recap: “Dead Air”

Calling all fans of bad radio and good lovin’!


Don’t turn that dial because after the break we’re going to get to talking about some serious iZombie twists and turns!

Sorry for the melodrama, but I can’t help but go into radio girl mode today, the day after watching iZombie’s radio-themed “Dead Air.” And hey, melodrama was on the menu too, what with there being some serious developments in terms of Livwell, Ravi’s love life (!!!) and Peyton’s place (he he) on the show.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s turn these mics on and get to actually talking about the episode and whether or not it was BRAINSSY or BRAINSSSDEAD! 


  • Hooray for an episode written by a woman (Aiyana White) and directed by one (Zetna Fuentes) too!

iZombie - Sex

  • Opening scene tricks us into thinking we’re watching Liv get her kicks while Lowell’s working it down under, so to speak. Alas, since this is a CW show, she’s merely getting a foot rub. BUT, the fact that our undead girl is now living the actively sexual life, not to mention getting hers, is awesome. That satisfied face in the sex montage says it all.
  • “Kelly Clarkson” is a suitable safe word for 40-year-old virgins and 20-something zombies everywhere!

iZombie - Peyton

  • PEYTON IS BACK! And dropping legal jargon like a regular Elle Woods.
  • Also, Ravi seems to like Peyton as much as we do! Who else is down with this ship? Or is it too obvious to pair up Liv and Major’s roomies? And shouldn’t she be more than just a love interest?
  • “Who have you been sailing with lately and how big is his boat?” “Wow. A size joke? Really?” Hilarious exchange between Peyton and Liv. Too bad dudes were all they talked about this episode :(
  • Electrocution by a radio mic? Super cool death, whether accidental or on purpose. Sorry, Sasha.

iZombie - Mic Dropped

  • “Shocking! Too soon?”
  • “You can’t expect a girl to go hacking through the bush like Indiana Jones looking for the lost Peruvian temple. “ – Sasha, radio host/victim, real-talking about manscaping
  • The police chief and Blaine are working together? It’s not all that surprising, but still an interesting twist that’s sure to play out more, especially now that Liv’s aware Blaine was involved in Jerome’s death. 
  • Another cool twist? That Liv being under the influence of this relationship and sex expert isn’t all fun and bedroom games. It’s true that sometimes the people who love to talk up their so-called happy moments are actually far from it.

iZombie - Ravinous

  • In the final scenes, Ravi gets bitten by the zombirat! Of course this is not good news at all, but man it’s a crazy cliffhanger that has me craving next week’s ep like Liv craves hot sauce.


  • “Great morning sex? Isn’t it enough for you ladies that you’re having it? Why spoil it by talking about it?” Not the best Clive line. And then it’s followed by that jocky radio guy, Chuck, saying female mouths are “not made for speaking.” But at least that douche was supposed to be chauvinistic.
  • On the topic of this Chuck dude, who else shuddered at lines like “I’m not the first guy to have a hate bang on the side”?

iZombie - Major Pain

  • Major’s face when he gets out of custody is a bit off. I’m not talking about the bloodied bits, but his smile. Perhaps it’s a sign of his muddled emotions right now, which will just get more muddled after the break-up and brainy internet searching.
  • Who didn’t see the reveal that producer girl Jane was the culprit coming? Of course two women working together is going to lead to epic competition and then a murder, right?! Sigh.
  • “Not cool, babe.”- Boyfriend of Kayleigh, the radio show temp, responding to finding out she was getting taken on suspicion of murder.

iZombie - Final Verdict

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