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iZombie recap: “Astroburger”

This is Liv’s brain on brains on drugs.

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You’re not hallucinating. There are only two episodes of iZombie left for this season and it’s genuinely upsetting. Especially after another great episode (“Astroburger”) hit us like a quality buzz last night.

Speaking of which, let’s chow down on everything that happened in “Astroburger,” particularly the stuff involving Liv eating a druggie’s brain and getting caught up in a haze of induced dreams and reality. Let’s just say that this episode was one heavy pill to swallow on a lot of fronts…. 


  • Ever since Lowell’s passing, iZombie has become darker, as evidenced by the opening scene of Major’s mental hospital friend, Scott E., dead in his bathtub. Kudos to the writers for being able to balance this tone shift with the regular iZombie wit.

iZombie - Zombie Cool

  • Liv’s reaction to Major’s initial suggestion that zombies are real is on point. She seems like she’s about to awkwardly laugh, which is how I react whenever I’m uncomfortable and have to lie about it.
  • “I got a giant Indian to throw a sink through a window and jumped to freedom!” “I’m going to guess nobody’s going to let me watch Harvey either?” Quality references, Major.
  • Happy to see Major making some major progress on the Z front, whether as a hallucination or as the real deal. Him realizing the truth means we’re one step closer to Blaine’s end. Then again, it could also mean we’re one step closer to him hating Liv forever/feeling compelled to kill her! So much conflict, so little time left to resolve it peacefully!

iZombie - Snack Attack

  • Love that Liv’s first hallucination after eating Scott E.’s brains comes from a cheesy puffs bag. They are really committing to those being her fave snacks.
  • “You have the same kind eyes my daddy did … before I burned down his car dealership.”
  • It’s great to see Blaine and Liv interacting again, setting us up for their oncoming finale showdown. David Anders and Rose McIver really know how to amp up the tension when they’re on screen opposite each other.

iZombie - More Frost

  • Imaginary Johnny Frost’s continual weather-themed commentary? Hilarious on all fronts.
  • HAS RAVI FOUND THE ACTUAL CURE?! And what does this mean for the future of Liv, Blaine and all other alabaster, brain-eating beings?


iZombie - Doctor Strangelove

  • That Dr. Larson is clearly acting on some other, more soapy show in her mind. She has this whole dastardly gossipmonger thing going on and it doesn’t even work when we find out she’s the villain on this particular piece of the iZombie puzzle, killing Scott E. after he wanted her to abort their secret baby. 
  • Peyton is back! But only to go on a date with Ravi. Although you gotta approve of Peyton/Ravi, let’s give our girl something else to do other than accept compliments about her sock to shorts ratio.

iZombie - Major Drama

  • They are really trying to make Liv and Major happen, even just in Liv’s head. Sure, it makes for some great tension following Major’s realization, but we’re not going to give our girl some time to actually mourn Lowell after last week’s heartbreaking reality check?! (#LivwellForever)
  • Anyone else do a double take at the list of videos on Scott E.’s phone? “Hot girl at café”? Eww.

iZombie - Final Verdict

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