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iZombie Recap: “Mr. Beserk”

This Rager ain’t any Fun Fun at all.

zmb110a0295bjpg-3e8798_624wGet juiced up, iZombie fans! This week’s episode is all about energy drinks!

Okay, maybe it’s not just about energy drinks. But it’s definitely about a possibly corrupt, totally faux company (Max Rager!) selling energy drinks and the effects it is having on Liv and more (he he). Anywho, take a sip of whatever actual, caffeine-filled beverage you got on hand and prepare to take on “Mr. Beserk.”

Oh, and maybe grab some tissues too, considering that this episode is a sad one. Yeah, not even the best java jolt will lift us up after this.


  • The opening shot of the episode? I couldn’t even bear to throw punny text on it, it’s so heartbreaking, yet perfect in its summary of how Liv must be feeling.
  • They have been planting this Max Rager storyline for a while and it’s really becoming something. You iZombie writers be smart.

iZombie - Rager-ing Douche

  • Oh man, is Stephen Weber the perfect choice to play Vaughn Du Clark, head of Max Rager, or what?
  • “Live to the max, Ms. Moore!” If he only knew how great a joke this was. (Or did he?)

iZombie - Liv Through This

  • Ravi comforting Liv? Super sweet and so Ravi. Not so sweet? Liv’s willingness to chow down on an alcoholic’s brain after finding out the bad news about You Know Who. (I’m still in denial about Lowell, guys.)
  • Real talk: drunk Liv is kind of hilarious and great at dancing. Doesn’t make it right for her to get sauced every night to mask the pain of losing her love, but it’s just a fact.

iZombie - Moore Dancing

  • As sad as Ravi’s suggestion that Lowell’s death be called a suicide is, it’s also a necessary move for him and Liv and this show. They can’t risk a large-spread zombie outbreak at this point in the first season. After all, there’s an entire second season (can’t stop stating this with excitement!) to come!
  • Anyone else super into Ravi’s bedhead?
  • “Hey, Major! Wacky news! Zombies exist and they’re trying to kill you. Not me, though, I’m a nice zombie.”

iZombie - Major Pain

  • While it’s also sad that Major is being made to think he’s crazy, it had to happen as a consequence of him not knowing about the Z thing. And as Liv says, in his fragile state, he needs to be in a safe place right now and if that means a mental hospital, it means a mental hospital. And as he says, he’ll be fine, seeing as the stay is not for long.
  • Seriously, though, Major actually won’t be in there for long if he takes that fellow patient’s zombie theory to heart. And we all know he will. 

iZombie - Fishing for Clues

  • “What’s this? Shrimp? Smells fantastic.” Oh man, Clive wants to get all up in them brains.
  • Hells to the yes to Liv zombie-ing out and attacking that Sebastian dude (Matthew MacCaull, acting with totes creepy aplomb) on the “Fun Fun” (that was legit the name of that boat).
  • In the end, Sebastian becomes a zombie too, which means now Liv has turned someone into a zombie on a boat. Full circle, you guys.


  • So Lowell is actually D-E-A-D?! Worst. Worst. Worst. WORST. Please mourn with me in the comments, Livwell lovers.
  • Where the eff is Peyton, you guys? No, a phone call from her that Liv doesn’t pick up doesn’t count. And neither does a mention of her using the bathroom after a Liv vom session. (Eww.)

iZombie - Dead Medium

  • I don’t know about you, but as writer, Liv’s sassy reporter talk (i.e. “try not burying the lede” and “bloodshed always goes in the first graf”) made me cringe.

iZombie - Final Verdict

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