BTS V in IU's 'Love Wins All' music video.

IU Makes History With BTS V in Latest Single ‘Love Wins All’

IU’s newest single, ‘Love Wins All,’ debuted at number one in South Korea’s Melon’s TOP100 Chart. This is a huge feat for IU because she’s the first female artist in South Korean history to have a song debut at number one on Melon, the largest music streaming service in South Korea.

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‘Love Wins All’ was all about running away with a lover to a better world. But this isn’t a song that you’ll hear at a wedding, and it’s better for it to be played during a tragic K-drama or webtoon scene. Even without the music video, IU’s gentle delivery of the song’s painful lyrics is enough to tug at heartstrings. V didn’t sing any parts of the song, but his performance in the music video was tearful to watch.

It’s no secret to K-drama fans that both IU and BTS V are good actors, but their performance in the ‘Love Wins All’ music video had everybody in tears. Set in an apocalyptic world, IU and V were star-crossed lovers who were running away from floating cubes (I promise, this isn’t Minecraft).

IU was portrayed as being deaf in the music video and communicated with V through sign language. V, on the other hand, was partially blind. The world was falling apart, but none of that mattered since both IU and V were willing to pretend that it was their wedding day and everything was going to be fine.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m used to seeing IU and V die in their K-drama roles. None of us could forget V’s tragic sacrifice in Hwarang, and IU’s death in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo haunts everybody to this day. But that doesn’t mean that the ‘Love Wins All’ music video was any less tragic for both of them. In the end, IU and V couldn’t outrun the cube.

How did the cube kill them? Why can’t V fight a cube? What even is the cube? I have no answers to all those questions. All I know is that there was no happy ending in this music video.

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