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It Is What It Is

Donald Trump gestures during the presidential debate.

When talking about the amount of coronavirus deaths in the United States, Donald Trump simply said, “It is what it is.” So now that Donald Trump has tested positive for the virus after downplaying the severity of it over and over again throughout these last seven months? Well … it is what it is.

My own personal level of sympathy for the president is in the gutter somewhere. For MONTHS, he lied about this virus, blamed China and was continually was racist about it, and refused to wear masks or do anything as the president of the United States. So … I truly cannot muster up one moment of pity for the man now that he has tested positive and is exhibiting mild symptoms.


What’s lovely about the internet, though, is that so many of us are in this same boat. The president, in my opinion, doesn’t need our sympathy. Those 200,000+ Americans who died because he refused to take a pandemic seriously do. So I, personally, will choose to just enjoy the influx of jokes about the irony of the situation.

Look, if this was any other situation, I might feel differently, but he’s been actively harmful to real efforts to help the American people, called it a hoax, tweeted things like “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” after pushing all the responsibilities onto a state level, and held rallies despite the fact that it WAS NOT SAFE.

Not to mention the fact that he mocked Joe Biden for his mask-wearing ON TUESDAY. WHEN TRUMP PROBABLY ALREADY HAD THE VIRUS. So, do I feel bad? No. Not in the slightest. I feel bad for my 91-year-old aunt who had to fight it off because she lives in a nursing home, and months after the virus got bad, had someone come in and infect the place. I feel bad for families who lost loved ones who couldn’t go and see them. I feel bad for those still suffering. I don’t feel bad for him.

I’m happy we get all these wonderful memes about it, though!

I wouldn’t wish sickness on my worst enemy, but karma did it for me.

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