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When Will We Actually See the ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’ Movie?

New Hellboy? HELL YEAH. After the David Harbor Hellboy remake fiasco (he was great, the writing not so much), I’ve been waiting with Purgatorial patience for a new Hellboy. And lo, there, do I see Hell on the horizon? Throw me into it.

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What is Hellboy: The Crooked Man?

Hellboy: The Crooked Man is a big ol’ glorious supernatural action fantasy flick that shall hopefully hearken back to the Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy films of old. While don’t know what it’s about exactly, the premise is that the cigar-chomping demon Hellboy is gonna team up with a rookie from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (the government entity that handles occult matters) to investigate an Appalachian community haunted by witches. Who do these witches worship in their dark Sabbaths? A mysterious devil known as The Crooked Man—a devil that Hellboy knows from the bad old days in the Inferno. Uh oh.

Is there a release date yet?

So far, all we know is that the film is set to release in 2024. I could consult a scrying glass to get more information from an actual devil, but last time I did that, I couldn’t get him to leave, and I don’t need any more roommates. According to the internet, they started shooting the film back in 2023 and wrapped it in May of that year. Quick turnaround. And you know what’s cool about the film? No CGI. Hellboy and The Crooked Man are said to have both been created with the glorious practical effects for which the original films are famous. My hopes are high.

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