Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk in Marvel's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Disney+ series. (Marvel Entertainment)

Is She-Hulk Stronger Than Hulk? Explained

The strongest Avenger?

The premier of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney Plus has finally filled the hole left in my heart by the finale of Ms. Marvel. In the first episode, we had a fun re-cap of how attorney Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) became the second big green hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While driving with her cousin Bruce “Hulk” Banner, the car crashes injuring both Bruce and Jennifer. When trying to help Bruce, his gamma-irradiated blood fell into Jennifer’s open cut which transformed her into She-Hulk.

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Similar to Bruce, Jennifer changes form when she “hulks out.” In She-Hulk form, Jennifer is perfectly ripped, very tall, and a great shade of green. She is much more agile and strong in this form. But between She-Hulk and Hulk, which one is stronger? Is She-Hulk more powerful than Hulk?

He-Hulk or She-Hulk?

Bruce spends most of the episode trying to help Jennifer be at peace with her new form. Since he has been the only Hulk for so long, he felt the need to impart 15-plus years of wisdom to his cousin. It took him a long time to create a balance between regular Bruce and “the Big Guy”, which resulted in his “Smart Hulk” form. But unlike Bruce, Jen is in control of her green side almost immediately. She credits this to being a woman and needing to be constantly in control of her rage (say it louder for the people in the back).

Then we get to see just how cool She-Hulk is. Bruce and Jen start a sweet training montage so Jen can test her new abilities. As Bruce tries to show Jen how it’s done, Jen ended up matching him effortlessly. During their calm yoga training, Jen’s skills leave Bruce in the dust. Even when they fight head to head, the two only stop when they accidentally destroy Bruce’s bar (no winners there).

When Bruce shows off his strength by tossing a giant boulder, he asks Jen to try it out. With one arm, she easily tosses the boulder farther than Bruce’s. Not used to being physically outdone, Bruce has a bit of a tantrum and tossed another boulder into the atmosphere. Jen doesn’t sink to his petty level and refrains from throwing anything else.

Is She-Hulk stronger than Hulk? From what we have seen so far, it seems like She-Hulk may be stronger than Hulk. Now, Smart Hulk is less destructive than regular Hulk so maybe full-on rage Hulk could be stronger. But even then I wouldn’t count Jen out. With all of her pent-up rage from just a lifetime of existing, she could still make him think twice about crossing her.

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