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Is Netflix’s ‘The Imperfects’ Based on a Book?

A Mystical Creature in Netflix's Original Series The Imperfects

Dubbed a “coming of rage” story, The Imperfects is the latest coming-of-age series with a twist to hit Netflix. The Imperfects first premiered on the streaming platform on September 8, 2022, and is a unique blend of horror and sci-fi. The series follows three young adults, Abbi (Rhianna Jagpal), Juan (Iñaki Godoy), and Tilda (Morgan Taylor Campbell), who are suffering from the side effects of having their DNA tampered with (while undergoing experimental gene therapy). After being rendered into monsters by these experiments, they decide to hunt down the scientist who did this to them, hoping he can transform them back into humans.

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So far, early reviews for The Imperfects have been mixed-to-positive. Viewers have praised the unique blending of genres, the nuanced characters, compelling performances, and CGI. However, while unique, the premise isn’t exactly a new or groundbreaking one. Instead, The Imperfects is reminiscent of numerous vampire/werewolf sagas and comic book storylines. With that being said, it still effectively puts its own little spin on the storyline in a way that will keep any fantasy, horror, or superhero fan intrigued.

As audiences watch the series, they may be interested in whether the story is based on, or inspired by, another story. As said above, the story will definitely feel vaguely familiar, due to being a new take on a rather common premise. In addition to this, The Imperfects will also spurn comparisons to other recent comic book adaptions, such as The Umbrella Academy or The Sandman. Not to mention, there is a book titled The Imperfects by Amy Meyerson. So, is The Imperfects based on a book, or is it a wholly original tale?

Is The Imperfects based on a book?

The Imperfects is not based on the book of the same name by Meyerson, and it is a wholly original series. While the two share a title, that is about as far as their similarities go. Anyone reading the book or watching the series will immediately be able to tell it’s not the same story. The Imperfects follows a group of young adults who turn into a Banshee, a Chupacabra, and a Succubus after an experiment gone wrong.

Meanwhile, Meyerson’s novel, The Imperfects, follows the estranged, adult Miller siblings, who are reunited after the matriarch of their family dies. Upon going through their late matriarch’s belongings, they find in her possession the missing Florentine diamond and race to uncover how their family acquired it (and if they are the heirs to it). Needless to say, The Imperfects isn’t connected to Meyerson’s novel in any way.

However, there is also a 2005 Marvel comic book series titled Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects. Unlike Meyerson’s novel, Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects actually does bear some similarities to Netflix’s The Imperfects. Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects series follows a mad scientist who experiments on humans to turn them into fighting machines. He initially does this to combat an alien infiltration. Any similarities between Marvel’s The Imperfects and Netflix’s The Imperfects, though, are coincidental, as Marvel is not involved in the Netflix series.

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