Nanami Kento wrapping his tie around his first before punching Shigemo on the left. Jogo using his technique on the right.

Is Nanami Dead in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’? Explained

You’ve come here for spoilers so that you can brace yourself for what’s to come in Episode 40 of Jujutsu Kaisen. The 39th episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, otherwise known as the 15th episode of season 2, left fans like yourself in a state of shock and rage. Jogo hadn’t been a real threat until he set Nanami Kento, Zenin Maki, and Zenin Naobito on fire after their fight against Dagon. It was implied that their next challenge would be Fushiguro Toji, who had risen from the dead. But the reanimated man chose to fight Megumi instead.

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It’s no secret that Nanami Kento has a huge following of fiercely devoted fans. Aside from being animated like a god, his commitment to protecting his students and his strength as a Grade 1 Sorcerer gained him a lot of love, especially during this season.

As an anime-only watcher, you’ve probably been holding your breath up to this very moment. The answer is that he survives this attack from Jogo, albeit not unscathed. Chapter 111 of the manga also cuts off where the episode does, but Kento does survive this chapter and episode. You can breathe a sigh of relief for now, if your question only extends to his safety after being fire-hosed by Jogo.

But if you really want the complete answer, Nanami Kento does not survive the Shibuya Incident. In fact, he doesn’t last much longer after his encounter with Jogo. Shortly after being summoned by Sukuna himself, Jogo leaves his burned victims. In Chapter 120, Kento tries to locate Megumi, who was thrown off by Toji away from the group. Even in his severely injured state, all he could think about was protecting his students. He faces a hoard of disfigured spirits and defeats them, but he crosses paths with Mahito once more.

His last fight against Mahito almost got Kento killed, and he was only saved by Itadori Yuji in the first season of the anime. In his final moments, he was thinking of how nice a vacation in Malaysia would be. But Kento remembered that he still had to find his students and keep them safe. Without anybody to help him fight, Nanami Kento died looking on to Yuji. “You got it from here,” he said before being blown up by Mahito.

Many anime and manga fans disagree with Kento’s last sentiment. They can’t handle it from here and many are reeling in from the loss of this wonderful character. Yuji’s enraged charge at Mahito probably represents what the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom feels about the situation, and I’d probably do the same and obliterate that cursed spirit from existence after seeing him mercilessly disfigure Kento. I’d probably follow Kento in the afterlife shortly for doing something as absurd as that. But what can I do? I’m just an observer who can’t control the horrors unfolding before me, and so are you.

It’s disheartening that a man who always worked overtime had to clock out so soon in the game of life. But nevertheless, Nanami Kento died in honor with the thought of protecting his students. So rest in power, Nanami Kento. You will be heavily missed by Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

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