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It’s the Beginning of the End of ‘My Hero Academia’

Or has it only just begun?

Deku looking alarmed in 'My Hero Academia'

Is My Hero Academia over? Like, for real? Why would you ask such a foolish question?! I know that in higher education there is no such thing as a “unintelligent question,” but this isn’t higher education, this is SUPERHERO SCHOOL. And in SUPERHERO SCHOOL “unintelligent questions” are greeted with an equally unintelligent answer: a punch in the FACE.


My Hero Academia isn’t over. It’s only just begun

Was it over for the Jedi after Order 66? Hell no! Was it over for Inside Job when it got canceled? Well … yes. BAD EXAMPLE. But to answer your question, My Hero Academia is NOT over. How do I know? Because the creator said so himself WITHOUT me having to go to his house and interrogate him.

According to Kōhei Horikoshi, the creator of MHA, the manga was was originally slated to end in 2023. HOWEVER, he has since announced that the series will continue into 2024 and perhaps … BEYOND! However, Horikoshi says that we HAVE entered into the manga’s final arc. According to this bittersweet message, the endgame is in sight. It’s okay to cry. I’m crying as I type every word. I’m crying so hard I fear my tears will short circuit my laptop keyboard and I will be forced to complete this entry in blood.

As for the My Hero Academia anime, there is still quite a bit of material to cover, so it won’t be ending any time soon. We are currently headed into season 6, and there should be at least a season or two beyond that. But don’t worry, Horikoshi has no plans to pull a One Piece and spend the rest of our miserable little lives wrapping this thing up. He says he just doesn’t have it in him. Neither do we.

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