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‘Lethal Company’ Is Taking Over Steam. But Is it Free?

If you’re looking for an online co-op experience with plenty of laughs, screams, and panicked cries for help, you might want to pick up Lethal Company. Indie dev Zeekerss’ four-person PC game tasks players with exploring distant alien moons to collect junk to feed to an enormous, tentacled corporate beast.

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If you don’t collect enough material by the end of your shift, the Company will put you through its disciplinary process — that is, sending you and your friends out into the cold, dark depths of space. Yikes.

Lethal Company took over TikTok and Twitter in November 2023, and the game has remained popular ever since. But can you play this horror game for free, or do you need to spend some money to enjoy Zeekerss’ release? Here’s what you need to know.

So, is Lethal Company free?

Unfortunately, no. Lethal Company isn’t available for free. You’ll need to purchase Lethal Company from Steam, and you’ll need a Windows PC to run the game. The game is not available via any other means but Steam, and there are no promotional offers to play Lethal Company for free at the moment.

Luckily, Lethal Company isn’t too expensive. The game only costs $9.99. You can buy the game via PayPal, with a credit card, or by purchasing a Steam gift card and loading up your Steam Wallet. Head over to the game’s official Steam Store listing to purchase it for yourself.

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At the moment, it looks like Lethal Company will remain $9.99. Zeekerss wrote on the game’s official Steam page that he doesn’t plan on changing the game’s price after the horror title leaves Steam Early Access, but we haven’t seen Lethal Company go on sale yet since release either. So if you want to play Lethal Company, expect you (or a friend) to pay $9.99 for the experience.

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