Keanu Reeves as John Wick in 'John Wick: Chapter 4'

Yeah, ‘John Wick’ Is Thinking He’ll Be Back (After a Little Nap)

You really think that John Wick would give up so easily? NOTHING can stop John Wick. Not God. Not Death. And not some sleazy Hollywood suits, either.

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Did John Wick give up when those Russians killed his sweet lil’ puppy? Did John Wick give up when he broke the rules of The Continental by shootin’ that one dude in the face? Did John Wick give up when he was trapped in a stable and the only weapons he had were HORSES? NO. HE AND THE HORSES DID NOT.

So what makes you think he will now?

Sure, I’ve heard the talk from Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski. I know they told the Hollywood Reporter that they are “done for the moment” and giving John Wick a “rest.” Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that John Wick was RESTING when that Russian hit squad broke into his house. You might think he was “sleeping,” but he was actually “preparing unconsciously.” John Wick NEVER rests. Why do you think he’s gonna start now?

I don’t care if John Wick is “fictional.” Did being “fictional” stop him from killing Russian Theon Greyjoy and getting a cute new dog out of it? NO INDEED. I guarantee the spirit of John Wick is going to rise from the pages of the first four scripts and possess Keanu and Chad with a bloodthirsty fervor that will cause them to write 10 new scripts. One for each round in his Heckler & Koch P30L hammer-fired DA/SA 9mm pistol.

And Stahelski already has a plan.

John Wick films, for reasons unknown even to the director, always release last in Japan. So Reeves and Stahelski are going to Japan for the premiere, and then they’ll sit down and “write some ideas on napkins” in the Imperial Hotel Scotch Bar while sipping on “20-year-old whiskies.” Isn’t that the most John Wick thing you’ve ever heard? They might as well be going to have a drink with Winston at The Continental itself. “If those ideas stick, we’ll make a movie,” Stahelski added. Oh, I think they’ll stick, alright. They’ll stick like the knife that John Wick shoved into that one Russian guy’s chest.

After all, the director is really bad at making last movies. He’s said multiple times that his latest John Wick film will be the “last one.” He said this during John Wick 2. He said that after John Wick 3. He’s saying it again now. But you and I both know that he just can’t stay away. After all, who can resist the allure of John Wick? So while there may not be a fifth-quel announced right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is soon.

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