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Fellas, Is It Weird To Hug Your Son? Republicans Seem to Think So.

Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox in Succession

Last night was an interesting one online because suddenly, everyone started making jokes about fathers and sons. John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer and host of a Newsmax TV show (I do not even know what the f**k that is), tweeted a picture of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden out into the universe. Cardillo, who is very vocal in his support of Donald Trump, definitely thought he was saying something with this picture but … instead, it just comes off as sad.

It all started with this absurd tweet from John Cardillo.

As you can see, it’s a normal photo of a father and a son who love each other? I can probably find about 10 of those same kind of pictures of my family while growing up. We like to hug each other and show our love, and I guess, in Cardillo’s mind, that’s a bad thing? Honestly, wonder if he ever googled “Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump” because now THERE is a collection of interactions that … do not look like appropriate father/daughter behavior.

Twitter, obviously, took this and RAN with it.

So … which Father/Son duo do YOU think has an appropriate interaction? Share your favorites with us below in the comments!

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