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Is ‘Evil Dead Rise’ a Sequel?

Don't stop running, the Deadites are coming back.

A concept poster for Evil Dead Rise

The Deadites are back and ready to rip you a new one, tear you apart (think of the iconic She Wants Revenge song), and be really rude about it. Just like other horror franchises in recent years, a new film is coming out: Evil Dead Rise. The plot follows a woman visiting her older sister and her three children. The reunion is cut short by the insanity that only the infamous book provides. Soon flesh-possessing demons are invading the apartment and it’s a battle of survival for the family. 

The Evil Dead film franchise isn’t as meaty as other horror franchises. There are only 4 films and the TV series that went for only 3 seasons. It does have a lot of fans though and gave us Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) as a final boy. Not to mention Mia (Jane Levy) becoming a memorable character after Evil Dead (2013) came out.

Rather than focusing on disaster occurring at the cabin or the Middle Ages, Evil Dead Rise (2022) is throwing expectations out the window. Not only with the setting but having women be at the front of the film. This upcoming movie does indeed serve as a sequel to the original franchise. But no, Bruce Campbell won’t be making an appearance, as far as we know right now. I’m sure the movie will be groovy though (I had to). 

(featured image: Creepy Duck Design)

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