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‘My Hero Academia’: Is (Spoiler) Really Dead?

It’s not looking good, gang.

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What happened to Bakugo and could he be alive?

So, Bakugo was fighting Shigaraki, who is in possession of a power called One For All. It’s basically the reverse Uno card of the universe, and seems to allow the wielder to take an ungodly amount of punishment and be able to dish it back out tenfold. How did Bakugo die? in that fight, Bakugo took a hit. A bad hit. I mean he looks dead. His eyes are open and there’s a literal hole in his chest.

But…could he maybe still survive?

I’m truly sorry to say, I think it was fatal. And based on the looks on the faces of the other heroes, I think it’s safe to say it’s final. I even saw a panel of his poor little heart with a hole in it. I’m sorry everyone, but I’m calling it. Bakugo is dead, along with my dreams of a Bakugo/Deku ship. This one hurts. The fandom and I need a moment. If you need to cry, here’s a safe space to do it.

But, dare I say it, I think, in a horrible way, this death was necessary to ascend the villain to the heights of the truly terrifying. A story is only as strong as the villain it overcomes. The choice to kill Bakugo is a ballsy one that will give this series an emotional charge it didn’t possess before. Did Bakugo die in the manga? Yes, in Chapter 326 where he suffers a fatal chest injury, much like the anime. Bakugo is a sacrificial lamb on the altar of art. It’s beautiful, it’s horrible, and I really wish I didn’t have to see it. But there you go.

So, rest in peace, Bakugo. Your fight has ended, but you will not be forgotten.

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