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Iron Man 2 Gods Sate Us With a Treasure Trove of New Online Goodies

Last night, Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau tweeted out that the movie was “signed, sealed, and delivered.” Well, Marvel is fiendishly surfing on that tantalizing bit of news by unlocking a previously inaccessible treasure trove of geek-bait in the form of a newly beefed-up official site for Iron Man 2, complete with loads of new pictures, 14 previews of the movie’s soundtrack, and official wallpaper. And that’s not even touching on the viral site:

You’ve probably already seen the trailers for Iron Man 2, with which the site greets you when you enter, but the real draws are the big ol’ gallery of stills (protip: click the “NAV” tab on the left side of the site), and the wallpapers and buddy icons available for download, assuming you still use buddy icons.

We’ll take a brief break for ZOMFG War Machine wallpaper:

Now, where were we. Oh yes. There’s no funny business in the “Partners” section, which is just a list of their sponsors, but the “Extras” section brings you to, the ‘viral’ site for Iron Man 2 which actually went up a whole two days ago but was pretty barren at the time, but has since been juiced up with new pictures of its own depicting the Tony Stark-hosted fair. One quick note to marketing bigwigs, pertinent to both sites: please do not have music autoplay as soon as you land on a site; this isn’t MySpace. Though at least there are off buttons —

— Hey, what’s that we see? Is that a video Tony Stark’s dad, played by John Slattery, awesomely showing off the 1974 Stark Expo? Why yes, yes it is:

ComicBookMovie reminds us that it’s worth poking around these sites for hidden clues and media, and we couldn’t agree more; let us know if we’ve missed anything especially cool.

Official site:

Super secret viral site:

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