iPhonograph Gives Your New Age Devices Some Old School Flair

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If you like to keep your music-listening experience a little vintage but don’t have enough milk crates — or square footage — to keep your collection entirely in vinyl, the iPhonograph might be able to help you out. Boasting the style of a classic phonograph (or gramaphone, or graphophone, or zonophone, or whatever) and the ability to use your iPad or iPhone, the iPhonograph is perfect for those of you who pretend to want to live in the past, but really couldn’t part with your precious iDevices.

The creator of this wonderful little device is bricabracwizard, and if you’re really fond of it and have a little bit of technical know-how, you can try to make one yourself. According to comments on the Instructables page, bricabracwizard is “looking into” trying to produce more of the things, but the tools it would require might be a little prohibitively expensive. I hope something works out though, this would be a Kickstarter project I could totally get into. I think I’ve still got an iPod Touch hanging around somewhere.

(via TreeHugger)

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