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No More Banks: Deposit Your Paycheck With An iPhone

The world edges closer toward digital abstraction, as the Chase Mobile iPhone application now enables account owners to Quick Deposit a check directly from their handsets, simply by taking photos of it. What?! The 2.3.1 update released today for JP Morgan Chase Bank‘s mobile banking app also lets you conduct QuickPay transactions person-to-person with only the payee’s e-mail address. It’s a new era of financial convenience. And to think just a while ago, I was receiving paper statements, ha!

The process is simple: Select the desired checking account, enter the amount you wish to deposit, snap a pic of the check’s front and back, and–viola–just like that, money in the bank. The service is absolutely free, and you only need to quickly sign up before using it. And oh yeah, you can check your balance, too.

As reported by tech blogs in the past, the snap-and-deposit app was already available last year with USAA‘s [email protected] However, with Chase entering the game, now a much greater population will be able to use it.

As of now, Quick Deposit only is available for the iPhone. Hopefully we can see this kind of convenience technology spread to other smartphones. The iPad version of Chase Mobile has not yet been updated for QuickPay functionality. The free 1.9MB update to Chase Mobile is now available from the App Store and requires iOS 3.1 or later.

(via Mac|Life)

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