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iPhone 4 Lines Run from Dusk to Dawn [Pics]

The iPhone 4 hits Apple stores today, and, as with most Apple consumer events, the lines have gotten absurd. The above photo, sent to Geekosystem by Rachel Sklar, shows the Apple store in SoHo, New York at 10pm last night. Even then, the line wrapped around the block.

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy has an even earlier picture of the madness: New York’s Midtown Apple store at 6:15pm.

Engadget passes along this photo of the line at the London Apple store before doors opened.

The first guy in line to buy an iPhone 4 in San Francisco last night identified himself as Gray Powell. Yes, that is the name of the guy who lost the iPhone 4. Alas, it turned out to be a fanboy’s joke.

The iPhone 4 line in Paris: (via)

… in Tokyo … (Shibuya, naturally): (via)

…And in Munich. (via)

It’s not just the big cities that have lengthy iPhone lines. This Flickr photo shows iPhone 4 buyers camping out in Claredon, Virginia: (via)

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