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The ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Finale Has Everyone Emotional

Interview With the Vampire is one of the best shows on television, and season 2 set up something amazing with its finale. Fans of the Anne Rice vampire universe know what certain names mean a lot, so when we heard a certain “queen” get mentioned, we got excited about the future.

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Daniel Malloy (Eric Bogosian) is working on something that isn’t going to end great for Armand (Assad Zaman). As Daniel is interviewing Louis (Jacob Anderson), he begins to put the pieces together. He knows he has to prove that Armand has been lying to Louis for all these years. During the trial of Louis and Claudia (Delainey Hayles), Armand claimed that he was just a witness and saved Louis.

The reality is that Lestat’s presence (Sam Reid) was the reason Louis survived. Lestat saved Louis in the end, and Armand just took the credit for it. And that eventually helped Louis move on—at least, when Daniel told him. There were still years of Louis being with Armand and even using that against Lestat.

In general, the episode tied up a lot of lose ends. Armand’s lies were called out, Louis got closure, and … Daniel Malloy was turned into a vampire. Louis threatens Armand when Malloy reveals the truth and says not to harm Daniel. Armand doesn’t listen and turns him, so what we know is that Armand lied and turned Daniel, and Louis returned to New Orleans for a moment, and to Lestat.

While we still have questions about the future of Louis (who told vampires to come and get him if they were mad about his interview with Daniel), what the series is setting up is even more exciting.

She’s coming …

Another aspect of the episode was some setup for the future of the series. In the finale, there’s a scene where Louis and Lestat see each other after Claudia’s death. In that moment, Lestat and Armand begin fighting with each other. One of the things that Lestat says is that he has the blood of Akasha in him. Fans know what that means …

First of all, get excited. Now that we have that covered, let’s talk about Queen Akasha. Fans of Queen of the Damned know her well, but she is pretty incredible. She is the first vampire in existence, the “Great Mother” who will give the vampires we’ve come to know and love a run for their money.

She isn’t really someone you’d want to encounter. Aside from being beautiful, Akasha is someone who will destroy anyone she wants to. While Lestat and Louis still have bits of their humanity intact, Akasha does not, and that’s pretty fascinating to see.

But the inclusion of Akasha in Interview With the Vampire is exciting. It does lead fans to thinking that season 3 will be based on the book The Vampire Lestat, and we already know that season 3 has a more rockstar vibe to it (fitting for Akasha).

So the finale gave us a lot to look forward to!

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