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INTERVIEW: Hannah Waddingham Explores Rebecca’s Journey in ‘Ted Lasso’

Rebecca working in ted lasso season 3

Ted Lasso has mastered the art of bringing characters to us who we fall in love with and cheer on as they grow to their full potential. One of those characters who has changed the most (and for the better) has been Rebecca. Played beautifully by Hannah Waddingham, we watched as Rebecca Welton went from a disgruntled ex-wife who hated what her husband left her with to someone who really wants to see her team succeed and for the better.

It’s been so beautiful to watch as Rebecca comes into her own. In season 2, she really started to break out of her shell and care about the team. So when I had the pleasure of asking a question at the global press conference for the series, I asked Waddingham about Rebecca’s journey and what her favorite part of Rebecca’s season 3 arc was.

“I was very keen and very passionate about Rebecca, the owner of AFC Richmond, fighting for her boys and being there because she really, really wants to be for the first time ever,” Waddingham said. “And these guys gave me that, which I mean, in spades really, I was able to lean into being the figurehead of it. And I could honestly, when you see how season three unfolds, I couldn’t have asked for anymore. I mean, I wouldn’t tell them to their faces that they gave me everything I wanted, but they have. And I feel like in, like you say in season two, she was head down and kind of introverted a bit. But we see feisty Welton coming out a little bit this season, which I love. Really satisfying.”

And it comes across in that first episode. We really get to see Rebecca rooting for the team and wanting to win in a way that she hasn’t before. And it’s all because she actually loves her team and what she gets to do with them!

Ted Lasso season 3 premiered on Apple TV+ this week and I can’t wait to see what it holds for Rebecca!

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