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Play Interstellar’s Solar System-Building, Physics-Based Space Exploration Game Right Now

The Internet has really turned movie tie-in games around.


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Interstellar hits theaters on November 7, but until then, you can play their nifty web game to get your fix of science-based space entertainment. Build your own solar system, fly around to others nearby in the galaxy, stay on target to enter wormholes—whatever your inner space explorer desires. For an online movie tie-in game, this thing has a lot to offer.

The game went live this morning, and you can head over to or grab it from Google Play for Android phones and tablets and play it right now (coming to iOS next week). But good luck getting anything else done today; the solar system you create becomes the setting for the missions of other players, so there’s an entire universe out there for you to explore and complete ever-changing objectives in the ship from the movie, the Endurance.

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Its physics were conceptualized by the movie’s scientific advisor and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, and the main action of the game is based around conserving fuel as you try to achieve orbit around planets and stars to study them and send the data back to Earth. You can explore single star systems or challenge yourself by taking a multi-part journey to several in a row on a single tank of fuel.

The controls are tough to get used to at first, but if you forget the button controls and work on clicking around the screen to speed up, slow down, and turn, you’ll be slingshotting around stars and narrowly avoiding death on the edges of black holes in no time.

What are you even still doing here? You could be exploring the far reaches of space and saving the human race, but you’re still reading my words instead of work or school or whatever it is you’re supposed to be paying attention to right now. Humanity needs you!

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