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Interstellar Is Going to Shoot One Lucky Fan Into Space (Yes, Really!)

Will a spirited rendition of "Rocket Man" raise our chances? Offer's on the table, Fandango.

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Interstellar makes pretend outer space look pretty neat, but why stop there? Why not just go to outer space for real and see it for yourself? In honor of the movie, Fandango is running a contest for you to win a round-trip ticket to the final frontier—and you don’t even have to have the entire fate of humanity resting on your shoulders!

All you have to do is buy your Interstellar ticket through Fandango, which you were going to buy anyway, because it looks like a fantastic space movie. Or, if you’re a party pooper, you can enter without purchase by filling out a form and then sit alone at home and not go see Interstellar. Whatever.

The winner will be flown to an XCOR spaceport and put up in hotel accommodations while they undergo training and health inspections. If all goes well, they’ll travel to space aboard a LYNX Mark II spacecraft at an altitude of about 62 miles above the Earth for a grand prize worth $100,000—plus a bonus $50,000 check in case space wasn’t enough of a reward for buying a movie ticket.

Take a look a the rest of the details on Fandango’s contest page to make sure you meet all those “must be over 18 and a real human being” requirements, and send us a postcard from space!


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