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Internet Having a Field Day With Donald & Melania Trump and Awkward Inauguration Imagery

Crowd size images were hardly the most embarrassing.

Donald Trump’s inauguration was a bizarre and unhappy moment for many reasons, but through all of Trump’s bombastic self-aggrandizement, ridiculous arguments over crowd size, and genuinely bad first steps, one thing is sticking out: how much he seems to care (or not care) about other people.

As you can see in the image above, Trump seemed to race ahead of everyone else and go it alone, while the Obamas hung back with Melania Trump. He also bolted straight out of the car and up the steps when they first arrived, leaving her to trail after him. Then, there was another moment with Marines escorting Melania and Michelle down the stairs:

Of course, it’s just a more awkward day in general for the Trumps than the Obamas—and for us, as it was possibly the first time I’ve ever identified with George W. Bush, while he tried to use his poncho to crawl back under the covers and hide, and seemed to pretend not thear questions about what he thought of the speech as he raced back out of the spotlight:

But this comparison illustrates the difference between being an incoming and outgoing “first family” pretty well:

But what really takes the (plagiarized) cake is the difference in Melania’s expression when Donald is looking at her as opposed to when he turns around:

Really, none of this is a surprise, though. Donald Trump has been a known quantity in the American public for a long time, and his reputation is pretty much that of a wealthy, selfish, sneering ’80s movie villain—literally, he served as inspiration more than once, especially with Biff in Back to the Future Part II. Details about his treatment of past wife Ivana Trump are so, so much worse than simply not paying each other a lot of attention, so finding signs in these images that he’s not the most considerate guy isn’t exactly amazing detective work.

Really, Michelle Obama’s faces sum up our feelings about the day best, though:

You’d probably have felt the same if the guy who spent years stirring up racist sentiment about your spouse and who says things like this had just air-kissed you on arrival.

(image via ABC News screengrab)

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