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A Tour Through Every Version of Internet Explorer from 1.0 to 9.0 [Video]

Andrew Tait is back with his wonderful voice and his computer history roundup videos, this time honoring the release of Internet Explorer 9 with a look at every version of the popular web browser. In the video, Tait installs and attempts to run the benchmark web-standards compliance acid tests to demonstrate how IE evolved over the years.

For longtime users, it’s a look back to the heady gray-and-blue days of yore; a simpler time for the Internet. For new users and nonusers, it’s a quick refresher on some of the biggest events in the history of the web. Everything from the destruction of Netscape, Microsoft’s anti-trust lawsuits, and the rise of serious competitors like Firefox is contained in this brisk review. While Tait’s rundown highlights many of the shortcomings of the IE browsers, it does make IE9 look positively desirable compared with decades-old technology.

If you’ve never wondered about how you view the web, take a look.

(Andrew Tait)

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