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Interactive Music Video Makes TV Lip-Sync Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”

Take that, pop stars. Bob Dylan can even make lip-syncing great.

In a super trippy video to celebrate the release of Bob Dylan’s Complete Album Collection Vol. 1, you can flip through channels on a virtual TV to see everyone lip-sync the song “Like a Rolling Stone.” This is one of those times when you hear something and think, “Yeah, but it probably doesn’t work that well,” and then you’re incredibly wrong.

When you watch the video, you can change between the 16 channels using the arrow keys on your keyboard, and each channel you flip to continues the lip-sync seamlessly. That’s where it starts to get really eerie, and you kind of feel like you’re about to be sucked into the video yourself, because for a moment you really do feel like the entire world is syncing up to the song.

It’s a great illusion crafted by Interlude, which has a bunch of other fun interactive videos, including a Community trailer made up of footage from the show that lets you control what will happen next as it plays.

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